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Configure products and create quotes

Ideal for companies with complex products, branched pricing structures and demanding customers

Configuring products, determining prices, and creating quotations – these are all labor-intensive and time-consuming processes. SAP CPQ enables you to make these processes more efficient and offer your customers better shopping experiences. And this applies to both: classic sales and e-commerce.

SAP CPQ – Your innovative sales hero

Thanks to CPQ you create individual and customized product offers tailored to the customer’s needs – precisely and efficiently. In combination with the appropriate commerce, crm and service solutions, you thus unleash the entire performance spectrum of CPQ. Automate and accelerate sales processes company-wide and offer your customers a customer experience that delights.

CPQ in classic sales

In sales, CPQ supports employees in quickly creating error-free and reliable quotations for complex products. The configurator only allows product configurations that are valid and not mutually exclusive. The advantages: Sales staff do not need to have all the product features as well as their possible combinations in mind, and there is no need to coordinate with manufacturing. Overall, sales gains efficiency. This is because quotation management takes less time and the error rate is reduced.

CPQ in Commerce

By integrating the CPQ software into the Commerce systems, visitors to your online store can design complex products according to their own ideas. In the online store, even new customers can use Guided Selling to find the right configuration in a self-determined and convenient way. What happens next depends on the company and sales structures. Do customers receive prices and offers straight away, or do the entries end up as a preconfiguration in the sales department or with retail partners? Flexibility is one of the many strengths of CPQ. The solution supports a wide variety of sales processes in B2B sales.

Seamless ERP integration

CPQ obtains the required data it needs for product configuration and pricing directly from ERP. This means no data silos, no duplicate data maintenance and no additional administrative effort. Any templates for the models of complex products are defined in the ERP. As soon as data maintenance updates the ERP, CPQ gets access to the latest version. The whole thing takes place in ECC (LO-VC) or in S/4 HANA (LO-VC or AVC).

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Case Study Mosel Türen

Product configurationin the B2B online store

The perfect product from millions of variants in just a few clicks: Find out how end customers and retailers can easily configure their individual product in the online store, using Mosel Türen as an example.

Configure, Price, Quote every second

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. Or from the user's point of view: configure, add to the shopping cart and check out. When set up correctly, the purchasing process really does work that simply. The complex processes run behind the scenes.



Whether complex software, machines, manufacturing products, or spare parts – with CPQ, sales staff quickly assemble a product entirely according to the customer's needs. As part of the e-commerce offering, customers simply configure their desired variants on their own with CPQ. Guided Selling itself clearly presents millions of options to users. The system checks the entries for plausibility and passes on the order.


Which components are used? How complex is the production? Does the customer get an individual discount? Taking all variables into account, including margin protection, CPQ calculates and displays accurate prices. Users can thus already make informed decisions during product configuration.


Do valid contracts apply or is a new signature necessary? Companies use standardized workflows to fully or semi-automate the preparation of quotations. Customers then receive a confirmation of receipt and an invoice, if necessary. Fully legally compliant and in line with the brand.

A solution that makes complicated simple

The entire performance spectrum of CPQ is unleashed through integration into the system landscape. The application scores particularly well in combination with a B2B online store or service portal. Product, price, production, customer and delivery data are thus elegantly brought together. CPQ takes contract agreements into account, generates offers, creates dynamic documents or forms and accelerates the entire sales process. How intensively you want to integrate CPQ into your processes is up to you. From product configuration to sales performance reporting and in-depth analysis, there are numerous options open to you. An absolute upgrade for the sales team and the customer experience.

CPQ advantages at a glance

Faster response time

When customers buy exclusively with sales support, waiting times are unavoidable. First, it's a matter of finding an appointment, and then the manual creation of the configuration and quotations takes up a lot of time. With CPQ, customers decide for themselves when to start the purchasing process. Ideally, they see the prices immediately and can then quickly complete their order or forward it to the sales department or trading partner. The configurator also supports users in all subsequent processing steps. All of this ensures more conversions and higher sales.

Sales relief

Every quotation that is created with CPQ support reduces manual processing steps and relieves the burden on sales. This frees up resources to better support customers and activate leads. In this way, CPQ enriches the customer experience twice over: customers can make configurations themselves at any time, and if they want to speak to sales, a member of staff is available more quickly.

Guided Selling

Complex products with many attributes demand a lot from customers and sales. CPQ software clearly structures products based on their attributes and guides users step-by-step through the configuration process. In addition, cross-selling and upselling is promoted – among other things, by displaying combinable items and parts. The result: more sales thanks to larger shopping carts and a lower bounce rate.

Reporting & Analyses

Analytics and reporting capabilities help you keep an eye on sales performance and identify areas of untapped potential. The data insights enable you to optimize numerous key performance indicators (KPI) in a targeted manner. For example, you can have the generated reports automatically emailed to responsible parties at the desired intervals.

Lower error rate

Customers and sales staff who configure via CPQ are not even given the opportunity to make incorrect combinations. Due to the parameters set, they can only execute conceivable combinations. As a result, the error rate is reduced to zero and orders are quickly sent to production. For a greater sense of achievement in B2B business.

Faster delivery times

The entire sales cycle is influenced by CPQ. As manual checking of incoming orders is simplified or completely eliminated, configured products are manufactured faster and ultimately delivered sooner. Faster delivery times are an excellent competitive advantage in a world that is constantly changing.

Increased customer experience

Whether customers are shopping in a B2B online store or working with a sales representative to design their desired items, CPQ takes your customer experience to the next level. Thanks to product configuration, accurate pricing information, direct quotes, and faster delivery times.

Seamless integration with SAP and third-party vendors

A powerful CPQ solutions is SAP CPQ. It comes with preconfigured integration capabilities with SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud. In addition, the connection to third-party customer relationship management systems is straightforward. The connection is particularly convenient via the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

SAP Commerce Cloud

In online stores and websites based on SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CPQ enables the configuration of complex products. Guided Selling leads customers and trading partners to the product with the desired properties. This is even true for complex products with millions of possible combinations.

SAP Sales Cloud

CPQ Software and SAP Sales Cloud are a brilliant team. In combination, they calculate and create complex quotations taking into account existing contracts and agreements, current price structures and set minimum margins. Release processes and shipping of the offer run via SAP CPQ.

SAP Service Cloud

Products can also be reconfigured via the service cloud. This makes it particularly easy for customers to adapt equipment or order precisely fitting spare parts. Important information that is tailored to the configured equipment also quickly gets to where it is needed with Service Cloud and CPQ software.

Zukunftsmodell E-Commerce

Whitepaper: Why e-commerce is worthwhile in mechanical engineering!

Grow steadily and increase sales with e-commerce - learn how to successfully build an e-commerce platform in mechanical engineering.

Reach your goal faster with the right partner

We support you in the implementation of SAP CPQ and redesign the customer journey of your customers together with you.

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Innovations usually start with an idea. We know the numerous solutions and possibilities you can exploit in implementing your plans and share our expert knowledge with you. Together, we will find the right way to breathe life into your ideas.
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Due to our extensive industry knowledge and multi-layered experience, we are able to discover new potential with an outside perspective. Together, we make processes more efficient - not only in the sales process.
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We implement SAP CPQ and customize the application according to your requirements. In doing so, we make sure that all interfaces are in place and keep your IT and involved departments free.
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Solutions are for people! That's why we stay on the ball and support your users even after the new solution has been introduced. We also ensure that your system continues to perform as expected.


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