Service tickets & ticket handling

Automated service processes, fast response times, modern information management and an interactive service offering on all channels. With SAP Service Cloud you will be able to react competently and quickly to customer enquiries, process service tickets with pinpoint accuracy and plan as well as carry out service calls efficiently.

Who hasn't experienced it? The computer won't turn on, an important package hasn't arrived or the dishwasher is flooding the kitchen. In such cases, consumers want one thing above all: competent customer service that solves the problem quickly and easily. To meet the demands of today's customers, a simple service hotline is no longer sufficient, and especially in the B2B sector, service cases are far more complex than in the everyday examples mentioned.
Therefore, offer your customers innovative customer service on a wide variety of channels and thus ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and trust. Remember: The customer journey of your customers no longer ends with the purchase of your products. After-sales service in particular offers enormous sales potential that must be exploited!

The shortest way to the service notification

The seamless service experience begins with simplified ticket creation! Professional ticket management starts where the damage occurs, right on the spot:

rapid identification

QR codes or beacons allow customers to quickly identify machinery and equipment for damage reporting.


Spare parts are uniquely identified using AI via photo upload.


Servicebots offer accompanying assistance from identification to damage reporting.


A central database supplements the classification of required wear parts with the uncomplicated location of the affected system, thus facilitating the planning of the service.


The executing technician, in turn, accesses all the information required for proper execution via the assigned ticket.


In this way, rapid and uncomplicated problem detection and reporting benefits all parties involved.

SAP Service Cloud


Maintenance request overview


Listing of all interactions


Overview of all activities

Ticketing system

With a ticketing system, you can direct service requests in an orderly manner and reduce the workload of your office staff from unstructured e-mail requests. Embedded in the Customer and Service Portal, the ticketing system offers your customers a transparent and efficient service experience. Whereas in the past recordings from smartphones had to be sent by e-mail to the office staff in order to be able to name parts that were difficult to identify, this is now done on the spot. In tis way, you start the service call quickly and efficiently and give your customers the feeling of optimal support right from the start!

If desired, we can add a chatbot to the ticketing system: this not only provides your customers with immediate 24x7 first aid, but also handles simple service requests on its own. As soon as the artificial intelligence reaches its limits, the bot transfers the collected information from the chat process to the office staff. In this way, data that has already been collected, such as order number or affected equipment, is automatically extracted from the communication when the service ticket is created.

Smart tickets

Manually prioritizing incoming tickets is time-consuming and costly. Service Ticket Intelligence relieves you of this effort, so that your service staff can fully concentrate on the actual processing of incoming cases. Neural networks are trained to classify tickets using historical data and supplements this with solution approaches from previously processed tasks. Discover the advantages of machine learning and benefit from valuable process optimizations in the inside sales!

SAP Service Cloud

Delight your customers with automated service processes, fast response times, modern information management, and interactive service offerings on all channels. With the SAP Service Cloud, you can respond quickly and competently to customer inquiries, process service tickets with pinpoint accuracy, plan and implement efficient service calls, and thus ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

From the practice

Find out how Dr. Schilhan has significantly improved its customer relations by introducing an innovative and individually designed service portal.


With the Equipment Viewer, machine and plant manufacturers offer their customers a unique tool for spare part identification: The intelligent navigation quickly leads to the component you are looking for and provides accompanying documentation. The relevant part is not on stock? No problem! The integration into the SAP Commerce Cloud allows an order to be placed in just a few clicks.



Acute service cases in production companies put pressure on everyone involved. After all, long maintenance work or continuous machine downtime lead to loss of earnings or even loss of orders. Customers of machine and plant manufacturers cannot afford and do not want long turnaround times and also have increasingly high demands on the service experience. With professional field service management, manufacturers prove themselves to be reliable partners in economically strained times. Supported by digital tools and solutions, they can convince with excellent service performance and contribute to the success of strong and profitable customer relationships with innovative business models.

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