Field Service & Maintenance

Processes and customer expectations in service and maintenance are currently changing enormously: machines and systems are becoming intelligent and generating large amounts of data that can be used for service and maintenance. What is needed is fast, uncomplicated and smooth service, preferably 24/7. Service staff must be flexible and constantly available. The repair should also work at the first attempt, if possible, because the competition does not give you a second chance.

Reduce repair rates

Reduce your repair rates and simplify the daily routine of your service technicians on site using automated and intelligent processes:

Comprehensively informed service staff through centrally recorded and maintained data/information (single point of truth).

All important information is available at the right time, so your customers can be advised in a more targeted manner and leads to an enormous simplification of the daily service routine.

Customer data can be accessed via app at any time.

All relevant information is available to your technicians at any time via the Field Service App (installation instructions, equipment and customer history), even offline. Optimally, service technicians know in advance where the problem is. They drive to the customer with the right spare part to tackle the problem directly at its source. An electronic service report with digital customer signature replaces duplicated data entry. The apps also allow the creation and editing of customer data on site as well as individual route planning.

Continuous documentation including master data and deployment history.

Already when creating a ticket (service notification), your service office should record all information that could be important for the service planning and the on-site deployment. With the help of the Service Management Software all relevant information is automatically included in the service order and made available to the service technician. Ticket processors can directly access the 2D and 3D drawings including all documents through the integration of the Equipment Viewer on the service ticket, which is integrated into the SAP Service Cloud. This means that no data is lost and you can fulfil your customers' wishes more quickly and easily.

Efficient/effective communication along the entire service chain.

From chatbots, to inside sales, to outside support, to on-site field service.

Efficient service scheduling

By selecting the most suitable service technician, depending on technical skills, availability and individual customer requirements, faults can be fixed rapidly, straightforwardly and consistently (higher first-time fix rate).

Virtual exploration

Virtual exploration of machines and plants with the help of augmented reality or virtual reality: These solutions turn out to be a great advantage in remote service and save travel time / costs enormously.

Self Service & AI Chatbots

Create transparency and take the pressure of your customer service. Self services help you and your customers to fix small errors 24/7. Chatbots help with error identification and structured ticket creation using AI.

your benefits

Improved First-Time Fix Rate.

A high first-time fix rate reduces maintenance costs on the service provider's side and increases customer satisfaction.

Increased Customer Satisfaction.

Satisfaction is maintained precisely when excellent service is provided in the event of damage. The quality of the service contributes significantly to the customer's repurchase decision.

Avoid downtimes.

When a service request is received, it is important to respond promptly and repair the damage as quickly as possible. A digital customer portal accelerates the exchange of information in the digital space. And not only reactively: By using Predictive Maintenance, machine messages trigger maintenance at an early stage so that downtime does not even occur.

Correct spare part identification

For any maintenance or repair of a damaged machine, it is important to identify and order spare parts quickly and correctly. To do so, the service engineer needs an overall view of the affected machine.

SAP Field Service Maintenance


SAP FSM Planning View


SAP FSM Service Technician Deployment Planning


Service order in the service technician view on site

Our solutions

We show how you can turn your service business into a profitable business with SAP solutions for field service.

SAP Service Cloud

With the SAP Service Cloud, you can now respond quickly and competently to customer enquiries, process service tickets on time, plan and implement efficient service calls, optimize the scheduling of field staff, and thus ensure a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to a high first-time fix rate by competent service employees. The SAP Service Cloud can be accessed online and offline from a wide range of devices.

SAP Field Service Management

With mobile field service management software, you can transform the entire service cycle: Benefit from increased first-time fix rates, leverage the power of artificial intelligence to strategically plan maintenance activities, and fully support your field service team in preparing and executing their activities. Thanks to standard crowd service functionalities, SAP FSM enables you to respond to service requests faster, in a more targeted manner and in real time.


Learn more about the competitive advantage of SAP Field Service Management or read our e-book on maintenance 4.0.

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