Remote Service with Augmented & Virtual Reality

Industrial service processes often involve a great deal of travel in order to bring expert knowledge to the place where it is needed. Currently, the Covid virus is making personal contact with technicians and machine operators on the shop floor more difficult due to contact bans, entry prohibitions and the extension of home office regulations. Remote services improve the solving of technical issues on machines and systems (machine downtimes, maintenance, commissioning or acceptance of machines) over the entire life cycle of a machine.

Real-time connectivity

Connect experts and technicians with mobile devices such as smart glasses, tablets or smartphones worldwide, virtually and in real time! Your service technicians can quickly and reliably help machine operators or local service technicians anywhere in the world from their regular workplace. This saves time, money, nerves and Co2 and contributes significantly to the reduction of downtime .
Connect live with a local employee and solve problems remotely when technical documentation is no longer sufficient.

The target groups are not only your customers' service technicians, your own service team can also get support from colleagues for specific problems - for example from a Subject Matter Expert. This may lead to shorter training times. Even an internal application of your own production facilities, which is to be maintained by your own service technicians, can be carried out more efficiently via Remote Services.

your benefits

Better first-time fix rate

Reduction of costs and machine downtime

Increase the productivity of your equipment

No unnecessary travel

No unnecessary travel by service technicians without the right spare part, thanks to efficient fault analysis via remote service (fast hotfix possible). This saves travel time and costs.

Customer training

Guide customers to learn service scenarios for standard maintenance themselves.

Machine documentation with AR

Complete machine documentation is made available to the customer via augmented reality.

knowledge sharing

Recording of the video session for storage in the service ticket and for seamless documentation of the service case. This information is available as knowledge sharing for subsequent service scenarios.

new digital business models in service

Remote support offers you the possibility of new digital business models in service and thus a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.

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