Spare parts management and digital twin

Technical progress confronts maintenance staff with increasingly complex installations. The industry is under pressure: How can specialists be optimally supported in everyday maintenance?

For the manufacturing industry, spare parts management is an important part of the aftersales business. Whenever machines are in operation around the clock, wear and tear and breakdowns are an unwanted but constant companion. For any maintenance or repair of a damaged machine, it is essential to identify and order spare parts quickly and correctly. To do this, the maintenance engineer needs an overall view of the affected machine, appropriate documentation, and instructions for installation and removal, possibly also as a video or 3D drawing.

Modern spare parts management uses the potential of digitalization. The self-service portal, which optimizes communication between the customer and the service provider and drastically simplifies certain processes, becomes the key element.

Definition of individual maintenance cycles

Automatic transmission of machine measurement data

Timely shipment of spare parts

Advance planning of the technician's deployment

your benefits

Simple spare part identification

Offer spare part identification via photo upload, advice from a service bot or intuitive navigation in machine drawings and guide your customers quickly and easily to the spare part they are looking for.

Customer loyalty & recurring revenues

As your experts, service technicians can provide customers with recommendations regarding purchases and investments, increasing your customer loyalty.

Higher customer satisfaction & turnover

Those who support their customers with digital services and efficient spare parts management in their daily lives contribute to customer satisfaction and secure a long-term source of income.

Accelerated ordering process of spare parts & higher transparency

During the customer appointment, your service technician can select the appropriate part, order it directly via the Equipment Viewer and have the order countersigned by the customer via digital signature. In this way, the entire process becomes faster and more transparent.

Spare parts management


Overview of all machines in use


Component/accessory list incl. technical documentation


Spare part identification and availability display

Our solution

Make the digital machine file for your machinery accessible to your customers in a customer and service portal. Create a central contact point for all questions.

Digital machine file in the customer & service portal includes:

entire history of a machine

entire history of a machine is stored

maintenance services on demand, certifications, construction plans in 2D or 3D

Maintenance services, certifications, construction plans in 2D or 3D, extensions, spare parts, parts lists, structure lists and equipment features can be called up.

Fast, efficient spare part/component identification via 2D/3D drawing

Fast, efficient spare part / component determination via 2D/3D drawing using Equipment Viewer. With the help of 2D or 3D drawings stored in the customer portal, you and your customers can virtually explore the machine and identify specific components and their serial number. Places that are difficult to see in the real machine can be viewed in detail via zoom.

Identification of spare parts by means of AI (artificial intelligence)

Products are recognized visually (cognitive services), even if they are not networked with the service provider. This makes it possible to identify and report necessary spare parts quickly and easily using smartphones, data glasses or tablets, for example, or even to determine additional data such as length, width or weight. Technicians call up documentation with mobile support or trigger an order directly from the system.

Machine data acquisition via sensors

Collected data from a machine is transferred to the platform via sensor technology and operators/plant engineers access the platform directly. The digital twin (the digital image of a physical object) records real conditions on the one side, but on the other side also the service related to the machine, the maintenance as well as the future further development of machines.

Link with integrated webshop

Link to an integrated web shop for a seamless customer experience from spare part identification to successful ordering with easy spare part finding, intuitive search function, real-time availability check and direct ordering options.

IoT connection

The digital twin sends information back to the backend system. Using IoT connection it is possible to call up pending to-dos for the respective machine in real time, to display current parameters via condition monitoring , to obtain historical data for analysis, and also to place service tickets for the machines directly.


With the All for One Customer Experience Equipment Viewer, machine and plant manufacturers offer their customers a unique tool for spare part identification: The intelligent navigation quickly leads to the component you are looking for and provides accompanying documentation. If the relevant part not in stock? No problem! The integration into the SAP Commerce Cloud allows ordering in just a few clicks.

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