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SAP Field Service Management

Increase the mobility of your service technicians and improve your first-time fix rate with efficient, standardized processes. Intelligent planning and control tools, machine learning, the Internet of Things as well as smart self-services and mobile applications provide comprehensive support in cost-saving order execution.


The customer experience in case of service

A service case is initially an unpleasant event - your customer needs support, a quick solution to the problem and, most importantly, the guarantee that their business will continue to run smoothly. Offer your customers an innovative omnichannel customer service and transform an initial inconvinience into a successful service experience. With a top-performing field service, you prove yourself as a reliable partner with transparent processes, with whom customers maintain a sustainable business relationship out of conviction.

Answer standard queries automatically

In our private lives, we often find the answer to a problem with quick online queries. In the B2B sector, the customer portal with smart self-services replaces the classic search engine. Store manuals or video tutorials and use intelligent bot technologies to accompany your customers in their search for solutions. If the type and scope of the problem requires a technician, the chatbot generates a service ticket from the chat history in the customer portal or connects with the next available employee.

The shortest way to a customer appointment

In order to process a ticket quickly, access to all relevant additional information is indispensable. Via the planning board, your dispatchers can easily access customer histories, addresses, contact persons, origin of the message (phone, email, customer portal, etc.) as well as the time slots requested by the customer. Thanks to AI-supported planning, you can easily take into account special customer requirements, shift schedules and the skills of your service team in your resource planning. For foreign orders, A1 certificates or visas are automatically queried and technician qualifications and availability are matched.

Prepare orders comprehensively

With real-time data, dispatchers always have an overview of the order situation, field service, warehouse and vehicle management. They store the relevant manuals, work protocols or safety checklists in the order and ensure that a technician always has the required tools and spare parts with him. This way, your team can access all relevant information online and offline, arrives at the site fully equipped and can easily comply with all required safety standards.

Mobile and well equipped

The mobile app informs the field service via push message about an assigned work order and provides all relevant information for retrieval. Contract documents, service level agreements and warranties as well as customer and product histories, video tutorials or process checklists are always just a click away. From route planning to working time recording to material consumption, the app supports the entire deployment process with numerous functions. Protocols or final reports can also be created, signed and transmitted directly on site. Epxenses, working hours, consumed materials can be submitted for billing. The dispatcher can change approval status, the technician gets a push message again - simplifying internal processes (fire and forget).

Your customer is always informed and well looked after

Provide your customers with security in the event of service by offering transparency of all service cases. Your customers can call up specific service histories and service reports for certain machines and systems, or find out about the status of individual service tickets. In this way, they are always well informed about the respective workflow, know their contact person and are aware of the upcoming processing steps.

Synchronous and interconnected

SAP Field Service Management can be optimally embedded into your business processes and ensures smooth collaboration between front and back office. Numerous integration scenarios contribute to the ideal service experience: You can easily access master data and transaction data from the backend, manage your inventory data, have access to customer contracts or SLAs and trigger orders while you are on the road.

your benefits

  • Central interface / platform for the planning and control of your sales force
  • State-of-the-art service management
  • Self-service portal for customers
  • Analyses and reports in real time
  • Field service has access to relevant information at any time
  • Comprehensive transparency to the customer

Mobility and unrestricted access to information are top priorities in field service. With the mobile app and its numerous offline and online functionalities, SAP Field Service Management provides the best working conditions for service technicians.

David Molter, Head of Product Management, All for One Customer Experience GmbH

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  • Process consulting: Integration of SAP Field Service Management into your service processes
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