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Integrated self-service options are the reliable 24/7 colleagues of the service technician. They create transparency and reduce the workload of your customer service. Some problems can be solved on their own, thus replacing an on-site visit. Once created, operating instructions, explanatory videos and so on are a resource-saving feature for all sides. In this context, the rapid development of chatbots should not be underestimated, as they are able to process increasingly extensive enquiries.

With the help of self-service pages or services, you and your customers are able to solve minor errors without further assistance. The provision of digital machine data, an overview of common error sources as FAQs on the device or help files meet the customer's need for speed, time and cost savings. This also benefits your service technicians, who can productively use the resources gained for the really complex tickets.

Advantages of Self Services

  • Customer can fix minor faults/maintenance/repairs themselves
  • Machine manufacturer concentrates on complex maintenance and repair work
  • Reduction of costs for manufacturer and customer
  • Quick help for self-support
  • Serves customer loyalty and differentiation from the competition

smart chatbots


From identifying spare parts to accessing documentation - the chat or service bot provides 24/7 support and relieves your support team of standard questions. A simple tool for more customer satisfaction! They take orders autonomously and provide automated answers to questions. The flexible 24/7 availability increases the efficiency of your own service, company processes can be streamlined, costs can be saved. Bots troubleshoot technical support issues and guide customers through multi-step solutions. They also handle a variety of service tasks or take on small enablement tasks by giving your users helpful introductions to new features or products.

Application scenarios of bots

  • as a service bot: all information collected via chat can be filed to the service message. The question to ask yourself: How long do I try to use it as search support?
  • or in the form of a search engine, where you don't even recognize the bot as such.

Possible uses of service bots

  • Simplify complex things: write or speak in natural language, reduce user interface, recognize context e.g. customer number, assembly via existing data in the background
  • Use cases from FAQs, to data query, to data entry
  • Spare parts document search
  • Ordering of spare parts
  • Instructions for repairs

If the chatbot finally reaches the end of its possibilities because no solutions are maintained or the conversation becomes too complex, it is handed over to the best-qualified advisor or a service ticket is created out of the communication outside of business hours. Your advantage: the service assistant does not have to ask the same questions again the next day that were already specified in the chatbot, but starts top-prepared into the actual problem solution.

Our solution

We are happy to support you in the creation of dialogue-based products and services covering the complete editorial life cycle. Editorial because many dialogues have to be maintained and this represents editorial work.


Empower your customers with control over digital service offerings with our self-service solutions from AI chatbots and digital portals to knowledge bases.

Lukas Kerschbaum, Managing Director All for One Customer Experience




Offers placed on the market are becoming more and more similar, and the quality of products is also becoming increasingly similar. Innovative services are therefore the key to sustainable success in many industries and the generation of a competitive advantage over the strong competition. However, there is still a lot of untapped potential in the service sector. Learn more about the service world of the future and discover the concrete potential benefits it offers for mechanical and plant engineering.


Increase the mobility of your service technicians and increase your first-time fix rate with efficient, standardized processes. Intelligent planning and control tools, machine learning, the Internet of Things as well as smart self-services and mobile applications provide comprehensive support in cost-saving order execution.

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