In sales, improvements can be achieved very quickly through AI functionalities. After all, sales is an area that can already access a considerable amount of data through a CRM system, but it is also particularly suitable for systematic data acquisition and analysis due to regular interaction with customers. We show how you can use Deal Intelligence, Pipline Manager or Pipeline Flow for your business success.


Why should companies deal with AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Even if humans don't like to hear it - machines are actually already more intelligent than we are at one point or another. This starts with the hit rate in image and speech recognition and extends to the analysis of data. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and will be helping us more and more in the foreseeable future.

Sub-areas such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and neural networks are already shaping the customer experience today and ensuring process optimization across the board. Be it in customer interaction with the use of chatbots, in the data-driven customer approach in marketing or in service, which benefits just as much from the Intelligent prioritization of tickets just as much as from image recognition in spare parts management or ki-supported maintenance strategies & machine learning.

Machine Learning in Sales

The use cases of artificial intelligence benefit both sales management and individual employees. While Deal Intelligence helps you prioritize your day-to-day business, Pipeline Manager & Pipeline Flow provide the visibility you need to identify and respond to trends.

Setting the right priorities with Deal Intelligence.

Customer experts sell better. Nevertheless, we advise you to support your own gut feeling with tough scorings. This is the only way to ensure that you spend your time on promising opportunities.

Evaluate opportunities

In the Work Center, you receive a clear overview of your opportunities and the closing probabilities determined.

set priorities

The probability of occurrence indicates which opportunities should be given priority.

The central element in smart sales is the focus on the really promising opportunities through structured qualification.

Michael Illig, Director Sales, All for One Customer Experience

Pipeline Manager & Pipeline Flow

Only those who have an overview of their pipeline can make the right decisions for their team. With Pipeline Manager, you get a clear overview of opportunities and closing probabilities. If required, you can filter by sales phases, processing status, sales territory or sales period. Machine learning algorithms are an effective control tool in sales!

Filter & Visualize

You get a quick overview of the current pipeline. Filter options & visualizations support in the analysis.

Use case reviews

Use case reviews for root cause analysis of winning & losing deals.

Assign activities

Recognize the need for action and assign activities to employees quickly and easily.

Observe trends

You keep an eye on trends or any gaps and take the appropriate measures in good time.


No data, no machine learning. We accompany you in the introduction of modern CRM software and thus lay the foundation for data-driven, intelligent sales. Together, we identify data silos and the work steps behind them and develop a comprehensive strategy for successful resolution. In this way, isolated customer data soon becomes dynamic customer profiles that provide you with actionable knowledge.

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Mockup AI
This whitepaper discusses what tomorrow's sales will look like and what opportunities modern solutions supported by artificial intelligence (AI) offer for sales, customer service and customer communication. Only those who know how and where customers will inform themselves about products, services and providers in the future will clearly be on the winning side of digitalization. Also information about on which channels and at what time they will contact companies will be essential for future activities.


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