Buyer Persona & Customer Journey

Accompany customers on their journey

Buyer personas map the wishes and needs of your target group and allow you to tailor the customer journey to them. Understand your customers and accompany them on their journey through your company: Inspire and convince them from the very first second with an exceptional customer experience.


In order to create a meaningful buyer persona, it requires a precise analysis of all available customer data. Do you know the age, place of residence or shopping habits of your customers? What are their preferred social media channels and what keywords do they use for searching the web to find solutions to their problems? Combine this information with current studies about your target group as well as industry-relevant trends so that you can work out selection features in the buying process or communication preferences. Match this picture with your everyday business by interviewing customers from sales and service. All this information provides a detailed picture of your customers' wishes and needs and allows you to prepare a buyer persona for your ideal customer.


After creating the Buyer Persona, look at your customers' journey: The Customer Journey is based on the analyses of the Buyer Persona and links it to your company. It describes the customer's path through possible touchpoints in the decision-making and purchasing process. The better you can estimate or track the behaviour of your buyer persona, the more precisely you can tailor relevant touch points such as newsletters, social media posts, service offers and, of course, your website.

The precise elaboration of Buyer Persona & Customer Journey provides the basis for a successful Customer Experience Strategy and enables you to

  • design relevant campaigns for your prospects and customers and interact with them
  • place relevant information, products or solutions at the appropriate touch points
  • create end-to-end customer journeys across all online and offline channels, and
  • create unique buying and service experiences that are tailored to your customers' preferences and needs.

Our solutions

Develop high-quality solutions with your team and together with us and define your target groups in concrete buyer personas. Then design tailored interactive customer journeys along all touchpoints - from digital marketing to customer service.

Understand your customers and prospects and accompany them on their journey through your company: Inspire and convince from the first second with an exceptional Customer Experience.

We'll show you how you can launch with SAP Emarsys tailored campaigns and set up structured nurture processes for seamless customer journeys. Address the specific needs of your customers in your marketing campaigns and deliver the right solutions and offers for them.

Customer Experience Strategy

Learn more about suitable customer journey strategies and how you can improve the customer experience in three simple steps.

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