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Customer Engagement Plattform Emarsys

Understanding customers needs, targeting them and designing personalized customer journeys - the Emarsys omnichannel customer engagement platform makes all this possible in a user-friendly way.

The world is spinning faster and faster, trends come and go at record speed, and expectations of business partners are growing inexorably. If you want to keep up, you need a lot of marketing power in addition. Emarsys provides a power boost with numerous tools that accelerate internal processes, deliver valuable analytics and make intelligent recommendations for action. AI technology keeps your team agile to respond quickly and purposefully to new challenges.


Campaign automation and more

You set the rules and AI takes care of the rest. Emarsys enables the automation of numerous processes. These include all emails, whether order confirmation, complex conversion funnels or event countdowns, as well as numerous measures on the website. Ready-to-use strategies, such as a customer win-back campaign, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Complex marketing strategies are waiting to be rolled out by you at the push of a button.

B2B marketing at B2C level

Offering customers exactly the convenience they are used to from B2C business - that is precisely the goal of many B2B companies that want to optimize their customer experience. Yours too? Automated campaigns for a high-performance sales funnel are the success factors for your business.

Performance tracking at a glance

Emarsys shows with simple color coding which Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are not showing the desired values and provides ready-made marketing strategies. This enables you to react quickly to trends in our digitally accelerated world.

Cross-media success concepts

Via website, social media ads, email or SMS. You control your cross-media customer communication in a centralized way via Emarsys. Without data silos, you get a 360-degree view of your customers. You can reach your customers wherever they are - across all channels, around the clock. Ever thought about B2B loyalty programs? With Emarsys, you can launch them conveniently from the cloud in just a few steps.

Personalized customer interactions

Every customer is unique. There's just rarely time to explore the different preferences of each individual. With Emarsys, you succeed in segmenting your clientele in detail. For targeted marketing that takes into account the interests and preferences of your diverse audience. Relevant content ultimately ensures a better conversion rate.

Measurable results after a short time

  • Time to Value: once supplied with data, Emarsys immediately delivers measurable added value for marketers.
  • Data protection compliant: opt-in, opt-out, secure storage and deletion: Emarsys adheres to the GDPR.
  • All relevant data in one place: Emarsys brings together customer, product and sales data and enables deep, AI-powered analytics.
  • Improved lead management and nurturing: Smart metrics help your team acquire more and happier customers.
  • Optimized conversion rate: and increased customer lifetime values to boot.
  • Easy planning & fast implementation: user-friendly operation and reusable elements make conception and campaign kick-off quick and easy.

Emarsys takes B2B Marketing to the next level. It unlocks the true potential of your efforts, helping you to achieve remarkable results and drive business growth.

Nikolaij Schmid, Teamlead Delivery CX, All for One Customer Experience GmbH

Your powerful partner at eye level

Communication is the key to success. You tell us what your goals are and we support you along the way. Together we find out how you can best use Emarsys tools.

  • Thoughtful process consulting, so that you can fully exploit all Emarsys functions
  • Integration of Emarsys into your existing system landscape
  • Connection of further third-party solutions and single sign-on
  • Individual adaptations for your marketers
  • Training and workshops for you and your team
  • Managed services and technical support

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