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The food industry is in a state of transistion and upheaval. "Digital innovators" occupy individual niches, while mass production is reaching its limits. Customers are becoming more empowered, using new sourcing channels and expecting ever more personalized food.

The digital transformation in the food industry is very evident. Market shares in the food trade will inevitably be redistributed in the future. This is happening more slowly than in other retail segments, but this is precisely what offers you as a food retailer the opportunity to position yourself as a pioneer in the e-food industry.

Do you know the new challenges?

Resisting margin pressure

Are you also struggling daily with a pressure on margins and with the ever-improving comparability with your competitors? Are you becoming more and more dependent on trade listings?

Increase productivity and efficiency

Do you need a CRM solution that connects sales, marketing and service on one platform and helps you automate your business processes, increase data quality, improve your production and efficiency?

Provide excellent customer service

Do you want your service and sales staff to work more closely together / be better connected and have direct access to all current customer information? Do you want to react faster to possible complaints and take further steps in a targeted manner?

Trend toward individualization in products/customer offers

Do you realize that time is pressing and that you should know more about the needs of your customers in order to inspire them specifically with individual offers and to bind them to your brand?

Your chance - Become one of the first on the market

Use the opportunity to position yourself as a pioneer through digitalization in the F&B industry. You can counter the pressure on margins with personalized products and co-creations and at the same time increase customer loyalty with the help of emotionalization. In order to organize the food trade more efficiently and satisfactorily, we accompany you in setting up and expanding your e-commerce store. Thus, it is the central contact point for customers and partners with comprehensive services, available 24/7.

To counter the dependence on (wholesale) trade listings, we work with you to set up a direct-to-customer model that enables transparent end-customer relationships, as well as an efficient B2B customer portal based on the SAP CX Suite for F&B - for mapping, control and optimization of the customer journey. Thanks to the D2C strategy, products are sold or marketed directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. This direct distribution strengthens the bond with your clientele and is also economically attractive.

The basis for the success of the D2C strategy is data and its strategic use. Digitalization enables your company to gather and collect this data in a structured manner. You can get to know your target group better and draw conclusions from their behavior without having to rely on the help of an external platform. Digitalization of supply chains can subsequently expand them into a flexible and sustainable system.

Together, we ensure process optimization across the board, dissolve data silos and free up valuable resources. The resources and data gained open up new opportunities for you to optimize everything from the product range to pricing and from customer approach to sustainable customer retention.

Our offer




We know the requirements of your industry. As a full service provider, we offer all-encompassing solutions and services that enable appealing quick wins and ensure sustainable success with an in-depth digital transformation.



As a multiple award-winning SAP Premium Partner, we are very familiar with the SAP Customer Experience Suite portfolio. Our developers extend the SAP standard with innovative in-house developments making the solutions even more valuable for you.



We guarantee smooth interfaces in your system landscape and ensure a high level of acceptance in the team with individual adaptations. The simple integration with other products from the SAP portfolio or Microsoft, for example, guarantees the best customer and employee experience.

Competitive all along the line


As a subsidiary of the All For One Group, we have a strong network of over 2,500 experts. We think holistically about your digital transformation and provide reliable answers to questions about leading business IT from SAP, Microsoft or IBM.


As a subsidiary of the All For One Group and part of the Food & Beverage Alliance, we have a strong network. We think of your digital transformation holistically and reliably deliver answers to questions about leading business IT from SAP, Microsoft or IBM.

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Learn more about CRM introduction and discover our special CRM introduction package for the food & beverage industry.

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