Applicant FAQ

Do you have questions about our application process, the interview or data security? You'll find the answers here.

How can I apply for a job at B4B Solutions?

Apply via our career portal. You will be automatically redirected to the portal as soon as you click on "Apply now" on the corresponding job advertisement. You can upload all important key data, your cover letter, your CV and other attachments via the portal and send your application.

The job has been advertised for a while, can I still apply?

Yes, as long as the position is advertised, you are welcome to apply. Some positions are advertised on a permanent basis, as we are constantly hiring in some areas.

Can I also send you a spontaneous application?

Sure! We welcome people to show initiative in their application. Again, you can send us an unsolicited application by e-mail or via our applicant portal.

How does the application process work at the moment?

We always process applications completely digitally - from sending in the documents, to the first (virtual) handshake, to onboarding from the home office. The first step after the selection of written applications is usually a telephone conversation with the recruiter. The second step is a "classic" job interview - remotely via video conference. If the chemistry is right on both sides, the employment contract is also signed digitally. The subsequent onboarding also takes place virtually. It starts with two days of getting to know each other and many basic topics. There are, for example, elevator pitches from our departments, support in setting up the equipment, an introduction to our working environment and philosophy, and a presentation of the company and your future area of work.

What should the application contain?

Definitely your resume. If available, also current references and a project list. If you let us know in advance about your motivation for a position via a cover letter, we would be happy to receive it, but it is not mandatory.

What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

You probably have your own resume and your most important milestones and projects in mind. Also prepare for technical questions about your previous experience and future challenges. Define in advance what your expectations of us as an employer are. Make a note of any questions you would like to clarify with us during the interview. If you can show that you have looked into us as a company and that you feel at home in the digital age, nothing will stop you from having a successful interview.

How does the interview work?

If your application documents have aroused our interest, we will invite you to a personal interview. Before that, we may want to get to know you in a short initial phone call. The initial interview is usually attended by an HR contact and the manager. They will first introduce themselves briefly. Then it's your turn - in addition to your personality, we are interested in your practical experience, your skills and, of course, why you would like to join us. After we have asked you some questions, we will immerse you in our world and your area of expertise. Afterwards you can ask us your questions. Finally, we will discuss the framework parameters. If you are convincing in the first interview, there will usually be a second interview with a specialist. If it's a good fit for both sides, we'll make you an offer.

Do I have to work on case studies during the interview?

In the first interview we want to focus on getting to know each other. In the development area, we ask you to show us some of your previous code lines in the second interview, so that we can assess how you tick technically.

What happens with my personal data?

Your documents will be treated confidentially. Only the HR team and the colleagues from the specialist department involved can view your data. After the selection process has been completed, your data will be deleted in accordance with the DSGVO.


Your contact person around the application

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