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Media Management (SAP Commerce Cloud)

With our Media Management add-on, you can manage the digital assets for your online store efficiently and in a user-friendly way - seamlessly integrated into SAP Commerce Cloud.


Whether product data sheets, technical drawings, logos, icons or marketing images in many resolutions and file formats - a modern online store needs many media assets. Our Media Management add-on for SAP Commerce helps you to manage this flood of media efficiently. It adds many helpful features to the SAP Commerce standard, but is not as complex as a DAM system. With the add-on, you can structure media clearly, enrich them with valuable information and make them quickly findable at any time. No long and cumbersome search for the right media, no uploading of umpteen different image variants - Media Management saves your webshop administrators valuable time and makes their work easier, faster and more efficient.

Webshop-Administratoren erhalten eine schnelle Übersicht über alle abgelegten Medien.

Webshop administrators get a quick overview of all stored media, can call up details and store information about the medium.

Das Add-on extrahiert out of the box die EXIF-Daten von Medien und nutzt diese für eine flexiblere Klassifizierung.

The add-on extracts out of the box the EXIF data of media and uses it for a more flexible classification.

Webshop-Administratoren können Bilder dank der mächtigen Suchfunktion sehr schnell finden.

Webshop administrators can find images very quickly thanks to the powerful search function.

Webshop-Administratoren können Meta-Daten lokalisieren und Bilder so länderspezifisch für Suchmaschinen optimieren.

Web store administrators can localize meta data and thus optimize images for search engines on a country-specific basis.

Ihre Administratoren laden pro Motiv nur ein Bild in das Media Management. Alle anderen Varianten generiert das Add-on automatisch aus dem Original.

Your administrators load only one image per theme into Media Management. The add-on automatically generates all other variants from the original.

Über einen separaten Media Management Tab im Product Cockpit können Webshop-Administratoren Medien Produkten zuweisen und diese bearbeiten.

A separate Media Management tab in the Product Cockpit allows webshop administrators to assign media to products and edit them.

Your advantages

Structured media management in hierarchical folders

The Media Management add-on scores with its user-friendly operation: In contrast to the standard, the add-on enables hierarchical media management. Webshop administrators can create their own folder structure and organize media files in it. They can freely choose the file name and use descriptive names to increase user-friendliness and findability. Administrators navigate through the folders using the tree structure . When they select a folder, they get an overview of all the media stored there, can call up details, zoom into the image and store additional information about the medium.

Enrich media with localized info and EXIF data

The add-on uses a more flexible data model than the standard. This means that media can be enriched with a lot of additional information: For example, webshop administrators can prepare media in a country-specific way by localizing meta data and thus optimize images for search engines. The add-on also extracts the EXIF data of media out of the box and uses this for more flexible classification.

Intuitive search with filters, facet and full text search

For large online stores with many products, the number of media assets can quickly run into the thousands. Searching for the right files thus quickly becomes a pain and eats up valuable time. The powerful search functions of our add-on therefore allow quick access to the media files.

For this purpose, the add-on uses its own SOLR index. Thanks to this, the media can be searched according to all stored attributes such as individually assigned tags, resolutions and much more, and the search results can be filtered.

The full-text search also searches all contents of PDF, Word, PPT and Excel files and not only the terms contained in the title.

Fast creation and efficient handling of image variants

Especially images are often needed in different resolutions and formats . Header images, thumbnails, images for responsive views - often webshop administrators need 5 or 6 image variants of a motif. They have to create them, upload them, search for them in the database and link them to the product. With many products or very dynamic portfolios, this costs a lot of valuable time. Time that you can save with our Media Management add-on.

Your administrators load only one image per motif into Media Management and link this to the product. All other variations can be easily converted in Media Management from this original image. As soon as the original is uploaded, a service starts that automatically generates all other formats. These variants are also automatically linked to the original and the assigned product.

Seamless integration with BackOffice and SmartEdit

Webshop administrators access Media Management via BackOffice as well as via SmartEdit. In BackOffice, a separate view for Media Management is stored in the menu. Here, administrators get an overview of all media assests and can navigate to and access the desired media either via the tree view or via the search. A second BackOffice view can be found in the Product Cockpit: Via a separate Media Management tab, webshop administrators can assign media to products and edit them.

In SmartEdit, webshop administrators access Media Management directly from the CMS via a Custom Field Editor . This allows them to add media to CMS components or modify the media. Changes are immediately applied in the storefront.


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