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VAT Number Validation (SAP Sales & Service Cloud)

Automatically check the VAT IDs, names, legal forms and addresses of your customers with just a few clicks.

For many companies, ensuring compliance with different national tax regulations is often a major challenge. Our VAT Number Validation ensures that your business activities in different countries are tax compliant and that you can identify and minimize potential risks of tax fraud or invalid VAT numbers. This solution also helps you to maximize your sales activities.

Your automated solution for validating the VAT identification number

VAT Number Validation enables you to verify your customers' VAT identification numbers (VAT numbers), name, legal form, street and zip code in real time via the Federal Central Tax Office, Finanz-Online and the European Commission, directly within your SAP Sales Cloud environment. This can be done individually for each customer or via a mass data run several times a day. Using predefined data sources and audit logs, you can check all current and past VAT ID audit results at a glance.This improves the accuracy of your customer data and minimizes manual input errors. In addition, you build trust with your customers by proving the legitimacy of their VAT numbers and thus demonstrating professionalism and reliability.


The VAT ID check is carried out automatically and in real time by using the constantly updated databases of the European Commission and the Federal Central Tax Office.

  • Seamless integration into SAP Sales Cloud
  • Integration of existing customers into the VAT Number Validation process via mass data run is possible.
  • Check VAT identification numbers during the invoice approval process.
  • Check results can be exported via report function

Your benefits

  • Reduction of the risk of tax fraud / detection of invalid VAT numbers
  • Automated processesEnables tax-compliant business activities in different countries
  • Simplified business in the European single marketIncreased business potential through integration into your invoice approval processes
  • Better data quality
  • High transparency

Our offer*

  • Delivery and implementation of the solution
  • Training for your users (max 2 hours)
  • Updates and future functional enhancements
  • Technical support

*We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer upon request!

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