Touchpoint Experience Management

Following the principle THE FIRST "TOUCH" IS THE DEEPEST, we observe the customer's needs along the customer lifecycle together. Our common goal: The development of a successful and sustainable customer relationship based on a coherent customer view-oriented touchpoint experience management. Today, products and services are interchangeable in many respects - but the customer journey you offer your prospects and customers is not. To ensure that you do not simply leave the management of the customer journey to chance, you should stringently align your touchpoints with the expectations of your prospects and customers.

Our approach

  • Coordinate expectations of project participants
  • Develop overall project awareness of the touchpoints issue
  • Identification, categorization of all existing touchpoints

  • From the customer's point of view: Define a persona
  • Persona-specific external customer journey
  • Documentation, evaluation of a current customer relationship process

  • Prioritization of the most important touchpoints
  • Establish measurement systems and metrics

  • Elaboration of process levels and departmental interfaces in the customer journey
  • Establishing measurement systems and metrics for a customer journey

Based on the key performance indicator system: Identification of optimization opportunities for UX, content, click paths, conversions and implementation recommendations for sentiment queries.

  • Optimization proposals for the reduction of process times.
  • Discussion of internal cross-departmental SLAs.
  • Recommendation for sentiment measurement to capture online and offline sentiment.


Receive a customer journey map individually adapted to your target group, buying center and channel structure with concrete recommendations for the implementation of customer journey best practices. Together, we will work out which content formats optimally fit your conversion strategy in the various channels and how you can ensure that you do not miss your prospects and customers during the journey. Learn how to adjust your perspective from the inside view to the customer view and how to make a customer journey measurable and optimizable. In the workshop, we identify concrete measures to intensify your customer relationship. We will also be happy to support you in setting up and expanding your cross-company digital marketing and sales strategy as part of our "Smart Marketing" offerings.



2 days


Team members marketing and sales - max. 6 persons


Experienced marketing and CX consultants from All for One Customer Experience


In a short time, you will have tangible recommendations for action for your individual touchpoint experience management.

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