Brand Marketing & Data Driven Content Strategy

What's it about? Companies around the world are publishing more and more digital content, faster and faster. The budgets spent have exploded. What is noticeable, however, is that many companies lack the orientation of their users' information needs when structuring their cross-channel communication measures. In short, this is where the potential for your topics and products in search engines and social media can quickly be developed. If you take a structured approach and follow the mechanism of data-driven content creation, you will see a jump in your inbound traffic and conversion rates in the foreseeable future. Of course, this requires Brand Personality and a flair for the "right" data analysis.

Why you need to address this issue

At its core, it's about the "you" who wants to inspire the world out there with your skills. How do you get your message across to your prospects outside of your controllable environment? Actually, it's a question of configuring your content for third-party channels, but then it's not that simple. You need a consistent information architecture for all your measures. We structure this together with you.

Our approach

Before we build a data-driven brand and content strategy with you, we start by working out the decision-maker structures for sourcing your products, solutions and services. This is crucial because you need to align your content with the challenges, interests and information needs of this target group(s).

We develop a status check for your brand - How do you currently appear at the touchpoints of your prospects and customers? How do your tone-of-voice, your imagery, and your interactive content flow into your customers' and prospects' experiences? Then we look at your creative/content positioning.
If not yet concretely defined, we work out your brand persona and the corresponding attributes to vitalize your touchpoints and interweave your various creative/content types into a consistent brand experience.

In order to quickly achieve business-relevant results with your topics, we create a data-driven identification of your market competitors' topics that are already running successfully.

Together, we look at a qualitative and quantitative inventory of your website content provided by us based on the defined business and marketing goals. At this point, the question of your future website structure also arises: Which topic areas should be strengthened from a corporate strategy perspective? Which topic and product segments may no longer be relevant?

What do your users and customers really want to know? Based on the search behavior of their target groups, we determine the "user intent" in the "research phase" for the solution of his challenge. We then form topic clusters and content clusters. This data-driven approach focuses on the user funnel, or the customer journey, from the initial search for inspiration & information, through the purchase, to customer retention.

We show you the potential for optimizing existing content and give you concrete tools so that you don't have to build everything from scratch. For the creation of new content, you use the identified content clusters. With the right tools, your authors will get enough information such as keywords, user questions and user intentions for a persona-relevant text.

Content mapping focuses on the optimal assignment of your content to your buying center and your buyer personas. Once set up, this results in a funnel-oriented customer journey for your prospects and customers.


You receive a data-driven analysis and action guide tailored to your target group(s) for the topics, products, solutions and services you want to position, taking into account your competitive position. Based on your brand persona, brand attributes and content mapping, we define the framework for your tonality and preparation of content creation. By analyzing of the content audit, we show you which content you need to optimize and which you should build up and reduce. We show you the performance of these activities using defined key figures in the project. As part of our "Smart Marketing" services, we will also be happy to support you in setting up and expanding your cross-company digital marketing and sales strategy.



3 days on-site result workshops, afterwards process accompanying


Your team members from marketing and sales


Experienced marketing and CX consultants from All for One Customer Experience


Together, we build a practical Brand Marketing & Data Driven Content Strategy with corresponding performance measurement and cross-departmental control in a short period of time.

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Johannes Preiß Senior Director Sales
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