360°Marketing Performance, Analytics & Controlling Framework

Proactively guiding your customers along the customer journey requires a comprehensive measurement system for your marketing activities. If possible, all units involved in the marketing process should be involved, such as brand marketing, field marketing, portfolio management, sales and CRM management.

By answering the different questions and needs from the operational and strategic business areas, the key figure managers and the technology and data providers, you will manage to break down existing silos and align all stakeholders in one view. Only then will you completely understand what the needs of your customers and prospects are. Based on these insights, you can then make user-centric decisions for your market development activities. For marketing, sales, product management, for your service and of course first and foremost: for your customers!

Step by step to full transparency

To build a cross-departmental, data-driven, and user-centric control of your marketing efforts, eight project phases are completed to establish the basic setup requirements and ensure a successful rollout in your organization.

Our approach

Together we identify the main user groups and the application areas of performance measurement, analysis and controlling. By building user stories, we determine the needs of the main user groups in your company.

We define with you the dimensions and control elements for the structure and definitions of the entities to be measured, both in the online and offline ecosystem.

The recording of the key figure generating source systems and the analysis of the available data and key figures is the preparation for the creation of the target control system.

We use the previously developed dimensions and control elements to enrich the data and key figures available in the source systems and integrate them into the target control system.

We combine the thematically related key figures into logical nodes so that you can map them across channels. This provides you a management-relevant control view. Of course, you can also access the underlying media-specific key figures and detailed views, such as SEO keywords in the drilldown, directly or assign them to user-specific rights.

Once the dimensions, control elements, data model and key figure accounts have been identified and set up, we create appropriate dashboard views for the various user groups, allowing control and detailed analysis for your area of responsibility. Overlying key figure accounts are informative for cross-departmental and management-oriented controls.

The hard work is now done. Now starts the fun part! Together, we interpret the first key figures with your implemented or ongoing activities and derive optimization steps for brand performance, campaign performance, topic performance, portfolio performance, channel performance, funnel performance and the other key figure nodes piece by piece. Of course, taking into account ROIs and cost structures.


Get an automated, near real-time dashboard view of your key online and offline KPIs with the ability to drill down into relevant details. With these insights, you can align your marketing activities around strategic themes, have analytical discussions within and across departments, and drive data-driven planning and accelerated feedback culture. You can quickly and confidently identify best practices in operational activities and stimulate a learning culture within your teams.



3 days on-site result workshops, afterwards process accompanying


Your team members from marketing, sales, product management and controlling


Experienced marketing and CX consultants from All for One Customer Experience


In a short period of time, we build a concretely usable360° marketing performance, analytics and controlling framework. Now you can really start controlling.

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Johannes Preiß Senior Director Sales
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