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SAP Marketing Cloud


Automation takes your marketing performance to a new level

SAP Marketing Cloud provides seamless, transparent, and automated marketing processes that allow you to target customers based on dynamic customer profiles. You can monitor the performance of your marketing activities, test marketing strategies with predictive simulations, and make data-driven decisions.

Individuality instead of generality

Whether privately or professionally - we all spend many hours a day online. And that's exactly where your customers inform themselves about your products, services and your company. This is precisely why you should increasingly focus your marketing activities on social media and so on. However, omni-channel marketing also needs to be learned. You need to focus on individual messaging and create touch points for your customers by providing them with relevant content. Marketing according to the general principle no longer produces any success, nor does it attract new customers. However, those who provide individual, consistent and flexible customer journeys will sustainably inspire interested parties and thus generate valuable leads.

Key factor customer data

An essential factor for designing successful customer journeys is real-time customer data and business figures. Only then can you guarantee that your customers are provided with exactly the content that is of interest to them at that particular time. Internally, you also benefit from real-time data: Nothing paralyzes processes more than outdated figures or redundant paths due to missing information or poor communication. SAP Marketing Cloud provides you with real-time reporting and analytics, creates absolute transparency and efficiency for your marketing processes, and provides you with the latest data, KPIs, and reports anytime, anywhere.

Individualized campaigns thanks to segmentation and personalization

Every time prospects interact with your business, they submit valuable data informing you about their interests, needs and usage patterns. SAP Marketing Cloud collects this information and transforms it into dynamic customer profiles that are updated with every new interaction, allowing you to make profitable use of this information. In this way, you have concentrated, up-to-date customer knowledge at your disposal, which you can use perfectly for your campaigns. The solution's diverse segmentation and personalisation tools support you in creating perfectly tailored touch points for all your target groups along all your marketing channels.

Analyze, optimize and inspire

SAP Marketing Cloud not only simplifies the design of successful customer journeys, but also the performance analysis of your marketing activities. You receive a precise overview of the response of your campaigns in real time - regardless of whether e-mail, landing page, social media or other channels - and in this way you can react appropriately to developments and trends at any time. Moreover, you always know exactly with which content you score with your customers or where there is still a need for optimisation. Successful digital marketing is therefore not a vision of the future, but a reality with SAP Marketing Cloud. Identify the needs and interests of your customers, understand their interaction and communication channels and use this knowledge for your marketing activities in order to sustainably increase your conversion rate.

your benefits

  • Personalized campaigns and product recommendations thanks to intelligent marketing
  • Comprehensive, dynamic customer profiles for a precisely tailored approach
  • State-of-the-art lead management for evaluating and developing contacts
  • Individual customer journeys with profitable touch points
  • Innovative marketing planning (including performance analyses: reports, KPIs and analyses in real time)

Are you sending the same content to all your contacts? That's no longer enough. With SAP Marketing Cloud, you have the perfect overview of all your data: Select exact target groups you want to reach to, then start precisely tailored campaigns.

David Molter, Head of Product Management, All for One Customer Experience GmbH

Our services

  • Process consulting: Integration of SAP Marketing Cloud into your marketing processes (Fit Gap Analysis)
  • Development of a template / prototype with your users
  • Implementation and individual customization of SAP Marketing Cloud
  • Training and workshops for your users
  • Integration workshops to record the individual interface landscape
  • Standard interfaces to SAP systems, as well as individual interfaces to third-party providers
  • IT-side (technical?) support and managed services to relieve the strain on your internal IT

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