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Software strategy as a competitive advantage and guarantee of customer centricity

The increasingly fast-growing omnichannel requirements and the dynamically changes in customer behavior in the customer journey put the marketing, sales and customer service organizations in particular under technological pressure. The department-specific requirements for the respective software solution naturally differ greatly according to business discipline. In the background, however, there are even more fundamental questions to be considered. How do you model the IT architecture, IT infrastructure, master data management, and cross-departmental IT processes in such a way that all market processing and connected production, logistics, and billing processes mesh?

Step by step to an end-to-end MarTech and CX software strategy

For each topic, there is a multitude of providers on the market today. In the marketing technology segment alone, there are around 8,000 solution providers as of 2020. The investments must be well thought out, because they have a lasting impact on the realization of your growth and customer centricity strategy. In addition, there are increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for compliance, data protection, business continuity and IT security. Last but not least, there is the question of how you design the change process in your organization in order to transfer the new processes and insights operationally into successful market development models. To learn, departments can always introduce new tools. However, the decision for a tool should always follow your digital marketing strategy and not the other way around. This means that in the medium term, you will not be able to avoid an end-to-end marketing technology architecture that has been thought through in a sustainable manner. This is the only way to create cross-organizational benefits and provide the right data for customer-centric decisions in a meaningful way.

Our approach


  • We analyze your existing marketing technology eco-system.
  • Together, we look at the status quo of your organizational framework and technical requirements.
  • If you have already set up a marketing technology eco-system, we will look at the potential used and, if necessary, point out new possibilities.


  • Development of holistic target images without silos
  • Cost model
  • Opportunity and risk scenarios


  • Business process recordings
  • Business process remodeling


  • Recording functional requirements
  • Definition of tool boundaries and functional requirements


  • Project planning
  • Budgeting
  • Timeline control
  • Support of MarTech product launches
  • Deconstruction of MarTech solutions


  • Define, delineate and document process responsibilities.
  • Bringing interfaces together at the human level.



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